Entry Level Salary 

Because of the complexity of the Institute, individual Units may have unique missions within the overall Institute mission. The following statements, therefore, are intended to provide a framework within which individual units develop specific criteria appropriate for their discipline. 

The salary level associated with each faculty position shall be based upon the requirements of the position and the qualifications of the individual employed to fill the position. The qualifications of the individual shall include academic degrees earned, teaching and other relevant experience, scholarship and creative activities, academic achievements and honors, and relevant professional achievements and recognition. 

In addition to personal qualifications, consideration will be given to "marketplace" factors such as availability (supply and demand) of qualified individuals, salaries offered by competitors (industry and other academic institutions) for individuals, and the intensity of the Institute’s need for these individuals. 

Merit Increases 

Merit increases for full-time Faculty shall be based on an evaluation of job assignment and overall productivity. All dimensions of the faculty member’s role shall be considered, although weights assigned may vary across disciplines and even within a discipline, depending on the job assignment of the individual and on the needs of the Unit. In evaluating a faculty member's performance, careful consideration will be given to the quality of the individual's contributions in instruction (classroom-related and individual supervision), scholarship and creative activities, service (to students, the academic community, the Institute, the discipline, and the external community), and student success activities.