The Institute is authorized to establish professional positions designated as non-tenure track positions. The Institute shall prepare annually, along with its budget, a list of positions so designated for submission to and approval by the Chancellor or his/her designee. Positions designated as non-tenure track positions or as tenure track positions may be converted to the other type only with approval by the President.

Non-tenure track positions may be established for full-time professional personnel employed in administrative positions or to staff research, educational, technical, special, career, and public service programs or programs which are anticipated to have a limited lifespan or which are funded, fully or partially, through non-System sources. Some positions will have membership in the Research Faculty and some in Academic Faculty. There shall be no maximum time limitation for service in positions in this category.

The following provisions shall apply to all non-tenure track professional personnel:

  • Individuals employed in non-tenure track positions shall not be eligible for consideration for the award of tenure.
  • Probationary credit toward tenure shall not be awarded for service in non-tenure track positions.
  • Notice of intention to renew or not to renew contracts of non-tenure track personnel who are members of the Academic Faculty shall follow the schedule required for tenure track personnel. This schedule of notification shall not apply to other professional personnel.
  • Individuals employed in non-tenure track positions may apply on an equal basis with other candidates for tenure track positions which may become available.

The transfer of individuals from tenure-track positions to non-tenure track positions shall be effected on a voluntary basis only.