• Establish any ad hoc committees it deems necessary to conduct its business in an orderly and efficient manner
  • Define and establish Institute-wide policies on matters of general interest not specifically delegated to the Academic Faculty (see Section 2.2).
  • Make recommendations to be considered by the Academic Faculty
  • Have the power to rescind or modify actions of the Research Faculty Senate
  • Establish its rules of procedure and determine all matters pertaining to its own meetings not otherwise specified in this Handbook.

The presiding officer of the Research Faculty shall be the President.  The Research Faculty shall hold at least one (1) meeting each during the Fall and Spring semesters, by itself or in combination with the Academic Faculty. One hundred (100) members present at a scheduled or a properly called meeting shall constitute a quorum. Special meetings may be called on the President’s own volition or shall be called by the President on petition of fifty (50) members or upon the recommendation of the Faculty Executive Board. In such special meetings the matters considered shall be restricted to those items listed in the call for the meeting. 

In the President’s absence, the Executive Vice-President for Research (EVPR) shall preside. In the absence of both the President and the EVPR, the Chair of the Faculty Executive Board shall preside.  All members of the Research Faculty shall have the right to vote.

Minutes shall be kept by the Secretary of the Faculty and be posted online.

Presidential Veto
The President shall have the power of veto over any action of the Research Faculty.  The President shall notify the Secretary of the Faculty, in writing, of the veto and the reasons for it, within sixty (60) days from the date of the action of the Research Faculty.  The Research Faculty may appeal the veto to the Board of Regents through the Chancellor by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at a scheduled or properly called meeting.  Any such appeal shall be sent via the President who shall forward it to the Board of Regents through the Chancellor.