Membership in the Research Faculty of Georgia Tech is defined as those whose primary job responsibility involves leading, developing, and delivering the research, extension, and technology transfer programs of the Institute.  Membership in the Research Faculty shall be determined solely on the basis of the position held within the Institute. Titles included shall be consistent with Board of Regents policies for faculty membership.

A list of titles included in the membership of the Research Faculty shall be maintained by the President’s Office and posted on a website accessible to the Georgia Tech community.  Corrections, additions, or deletions from this list shall only be made with the approval of the Faculty Executive Board and the President.  

Persons affected by such a change shall be notified.  Deletion of particular titles from a list of faculty titles may be appealed to the Faculty Executive Board within 60 days of notification of an affected faculty member and a hearing requested. Such appeals will only address the status of particular titles. Questions about the titles held by individuals and their faculty status should be addressed to their unit and the Office of Human Resources.  If there are persons who no longer have Faculty status after a change in the lists of Faculty titles, those persons shall remain entitled to rates of leave accrual available to them in their prior status.

Eligibility for participation in Faculty governance shall follow the guidelines set out in Section 2.

Student Delegates
The Students shall be represented by the President of the Undergraduate Student Body and President of the Graduate Student Government Body. Neither shall have the right to vote.