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Bursar’s Office
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Gloria J. Kobus
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This procedure provides general guidelines for the handling of cash receipts by campus units.


Each department/unit is responsible for the funds it receives for the Institute. Cash receipts must be officially recorded on a cash register, approved validating equipment, or in official pre-numbered receipt books. If the receiving location receives an average of $250 per day in cash or checks through the mail, mail receipts should be listed on a checks received log form by someone other than the person who prepares the deposit slip.
The list should be updated with the number of the deposit slip which includes the checks on the list.
All checks in payment of amounts due the Institute must be made payable to "Georgia Institute of Technology." Checks should not be made payable to departments, department heads, or any Institute officials or employees designated by name. If checks are received with the payee improperly designated, but yet deemed acceptable for deposit to Georgia Tech, they should be appropriately endorsed as payable to Georgia Institute of Technology so that they can be properly endorsed to the credit of the Institute by the Bursar. If checks of a repetitive nature are received without the proper payee designation, the drawer should be informed to make future checks payable to "Georgia Institute of Technology."

Separation of Duties
Duties of employee should be appropriately separated between the receiving of Institute receipts and the record keeping and preparation of deposits with the Bursar's Office. No one person should be responsible for all these functions.

Custody and Safekeeping of Receipts

  1. Department heads should make certain that proper safekeeping facilities are available and that proper safeguards are taken to protect Institute funds until they are appropriately deposited with the Bursar's Office or as otherwise designated. Cash or checks payable to the Institute should never be transmitted through campus mail. The number of employees having access to Money stored in a department or unit should be limited. Cash should not be left unsecured overnight. If unusually large sums are on hand after normal hours, arrangements should be made for use of a night depository. A security officer may be requested to accompany the deposits to their destinations.
  2. Cash register procedures should be prepared by departmental personnel in the form of written documentation and approved by Accounting Services. These procedures should contain over-ring documentation, documentation of change fund counts by cashiers, proper check-out policies and documentation, cash register tape retention plans, and other policies as deemed necessary in each situation by management. Cash register tape retention practices and proper references of deposits to daily cash register totals are subject to review and/or audit by authorized personnel in the General Accounting Department or the Internal Audit Department.
  3. Locations which operate cash registers or have average daily receipts over $250 should prepare a daily cash report. This report should include receipt numbers used and/or register totals, amount to be deposited, and cash overages and shortages. These reports should be retained in date order in the receiving location for a period of three years. Receiving locations which currently have cash reconciliation forms which contain the same basic information may continue to use them.