5.4.7 Fair Use and Other Protections Relating to Copyrights

Faculty members may from time to time participate in creating a copyrighted work, which may be owned by GTRC in accordance with Sections 5.4.5 and 5.4.6. That notwithstanding, such faculty members have the right To make modifications to their parts of such works and to prepare derivative works therefrom; and To use and present said derivative works, whether or not the faculty member is still employed by GIT, subject to the GIT Conflict of Interest Policy.

GIT recognizes the need and has the right to require that the quality and freshness of Copyrighted Materials used in its programs be maintained. It will make every reasonable effort to involve faculty, staff, and student Creators of copyrighted works in on-going quality assurance and improvement of the works they created. GIT shall, in any case, recognize and acknowledge the Creators of any material used in university programs, subject to the permission of the Creators.

Within the GIT community, parties involved in the development of copyrightable materials (Georgia Tech faculty, staff, students, and appropriate units of Georgia Tech) may enter into mutually signed written agreements to determine the particular terms and conditions of these policies applicable to specific developments. GTRC shall administer the execution of these agreements.
Students have rights to hold copyrights, subject to the criteria governing copyright ownership as set forth in Sections 5.4.5 and 5.4.6.

Names and Trademarks associated with and belonging to GIT may not be used except by permission of the Office of Institute Communications and Public Affairs, acting on behalf of the Georgia Tech Foundation. Members of the GIT community may identify themselves as such, in ways customary in scholarly work, but any such use shall seek to avoid inappropriate implications of sponsorship or endorsement by GIT, and where necessary, include specific disclaimers.

Members of the GIT community are cautioned to respect and observe the rights of other copyright owners, in accordance with fair use provisions of current U.S. copyright law. Similarly the rights of any sponsors involved in the development of Intellectual Property must be respected and protected appropriately.

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