Policy Identification Form

The purpose of the Policy Identification Form is to provide campus stakeholders with a mechanism for identifying missing policies or propose a new policy based on a perceived gap. Please identify the subject/policy area, suggested policy owner, and link to any documentation to support the creation of the new policy or location of existing policy not currently in the Policy Library

Describe briefly what led to the desire for this policy. Is there a new process or service, or one that has not been documented? Is there a new compliance requirement, or a need to update an existing policy (what is the deadline)? Include why policy is needed, how the policy will meet the need or solve the problem, what procedures may be required, what operational activities may be affected, and in which areas. Please attach any reference documents that should be considered when reviewing this policy.
If the document is not crucial please do not upload it at this time.
Briefly summarize the key aspects of the desired policy.
List all Institute stakeholders and constituents who should be consulted during the drafting of this policy.

Policy Owner Contact Information

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