5.4.4 Assignment and License of Rights

A.  All full or part-time faculty and staff shall, as a condition of employment with the Institute, execute an agreement, assigning all rights, title, and interest, to the extent prescribed in this policy, in any Intellectual Property to the Georgia Tech Research Corporation. Students shall not be required to execute an agreement except as set forth in this policy under section 50.5.B. This policy shall, however, be applicable to them as provided in the General Catalog and Student Handbook.

B.  Students shall be required to execute an agreement only:

1.  When working on a research project funded by an entity other than GIT, the Georgia Tech Foundation, or the Board of Regents;

2.  When employed by GIT; or

3.  When required by the Office of the Provost. Such requirement may be recommended by a faculty member who has students working in faculty-directed research.

C.  For Copyrighted Material that is (1) created by a student in furtherance of or in connection with student’s studies or activities at GIT during his/her matriculation at GIT and (2) that does not fall under Section 5.4.4B above, the student hereby grants to GTRC and GIT a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to copy, display, distribute, perform, display and make derivate works of the Copyrighted Materials for GTRC’s and GIT’s purposes only.

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