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Accounts Payable
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Laura Jamison
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Accounts Payable Manager
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Reason for Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance on retention procedure for documents scanned and linked to the Institute’s Document Imaging System.

Policy Statement

Georgia Tech is a unit of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia (USG).  The Institute follows the official USG Records Retention guidelines.

Georgia Tech Business Services retains electronic imaged documents as the official Institute record for invoices, Check Requests, Purchase Orders, vendor documents, and receipt documents for expense reimbursements. In addition to supplier invoices, a rendered e-invoice is created for all invoice data that is received electronically from suppler.

Campus departments and Document Processing Team should retain the original documents until they have been scanned and linked into the document imaging system. The original can be destroyed after the document has been digitized. Providing the digitized document reflects the information as originally created and can be accessed electronically for later reference through the ImageNow Access Request Form.

P-Card, Electronic Cost Transfer (ECT) and other subsidiary expenditure documentation is to be maintained at the local unit level.

Documents will be maintained in the document imaging system for the required USG retention period of 5 years.