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The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines on the Accounts Payable processes and payments for the Institute, while also ensuring compliance to the University System of Georgia, State Accounting Office and Institute payment policies.

Policy Statement

Accounts Payable is responsible for the processing of all Institute payments, other than student financial aid/awards and employee payments for salary/wages.


All Georgia Tech employees, (includes faculty, staff, students and employees) submitting payments to Accounts Payable for the Institute.

4.1 Payments  
Trade Vendor Payment for Goods/Services

Invoices are to be sent with a valid Georgia Tech PO number to apinvoices@gatech.edu.

Non-PO Payments All requests that do not require a purchase order are to be submitted via the Institute’s Financial System along with supporting documentation justifying the payment.
Recurring Payment for Stipends, Non-GT Students Supplier invoice requests to be submitted for three payments or less. Recurring supplier form (Workday Recurring Form) to be submitted for three or more recurring payment requests of the same amount and emailed to apinvoices@gatech.edu
Wire Transfer Payment

Wire transfers are restricted to international payees. Invoices with purchase orders are to have the banking information on the invoice.

The wire payment form is to be submitted with a supplier invoice request (SIR) for non-PO payments.
4.2 Reimbursements  
Reimbursements and Refunds for Employees

Employees claiming reimbursement for expenses incurred on behalf of the Institute are to submit an expense report via the Institute’s Financial system.

Reimbursements and Refunds for Non-Employees Departments are to submit an expense report for non-employees via the Institute’s Financial system.
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