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The Georgia Institute of Technology offers and encourages the use of electronic mail services in support of the academic, research, and public service mission of the Institute, and the administrative functions that support this mission. An extension of these services includes Email- for-Life (EMFL) for eligible members of the GT community once they separate from Georgia Tech (e.g., alumni and retirees). The service allows users to utilize a single, OIT provided, Georgia Tech email alias in the “gatech.edu” domain, and the ability to forward email messages to a user-selected address. This policy addresses eligibility criteria and proper use of Email-for- Life services provided by Georgia Tech, while recognizing that the Terms of Use for the service may change periodically. As email aliases are an integral part of the EMFL service, the Email Alias Guidelines (See Related Documents) are applicable and included by reference in this document.

Policy Statement

Email-for-Life service is intended for the private use of authorized, Institute-affiliated individuals.

Appropriate Use 

EMFL users are encouraged to use these services in a manner consistent with all applicable laws and policies. Users are prohibited from using the service for commercial use, such as selling products. Any use, which disparages the image and reputation of Georgia Tech, is prohibited and will result in termination of user privileges.


The following groups are eligible for EMFL services: 

Alumni – for purposes of this policy, an alumnus/a is defined as any student who successfully completed at least one Georgia Tech credit course, and who leaves Georgia Tech in good academic and disciplinary standing..

Retirees – faculty and staff who retire from Georgia Tech.

Ex Faculty / Staff Member – faculty and staff who leave Georgia Tech prior to retirement are eligible for EMFL privileges.

Affiliates – individuals not categorized above whom the affiliated Unit Head has approved for business reasons.

Non-Eligibility for Georgia Tech Employees

EMFL is a privilege offered to employees. As such, Georgia Tech reserves the right to deny or terminate EMFL to any employee in its sole discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, employees that are terminated with cause.

Review Process

Should an employee feel that they were denied EMFL wrongly, they may appeal the decision in writing to the Associate Vice President of the Office of Human Resources or his/her designee, who is the final authority in determining EMFL eligibility for former Georgia Tech employees.


EMFL Users understand that they may periodically receive email communications from Georgia Tech and/or affiliated organizations. Georgia Tech will take reasonable steps to protect the privacy of EMFL users, including but not limited to, not making forwarding addresses available to any non-affiliated organization.

SPAM and Virus Filtering

To protect Institute computing assets, Georgia Tech may drop messages deemed to contain viruses, SPAM, or other messages that may cause damage to Institute systems. While every effort is made to protect all e-mail users from damaging messages, Georgia Tech is not responsible for damage caused by malicious content contained in messages forwarded through the EMFL program.

Administration & Termination of Service

EMFL users are expected to set up and manage their own email alias, their forwarding email address, and any necessary administrative procedures to manage their user profiles. In an effort to streamline the service, Georgia Tech will send annual renewal messages to all EMFL users. Users who do not respond to the second renewal requests will have their email alias and forwarding service inactivated. Georgia Tech reserves the right to cancel or modify the EMFL service with notice, should the need arise including, but not limited to changes in technology, service availability, or campus resource issues.


This policy applies to all email services provided, owned, or funded in part by the Georgia Institute of Technology under the Email-for-Life program; and to all users of such services regardless of intended use. The EMFL program provides only an e-mail alias to be used for forwarding purposes. EMFL does not include a functioning mailbox or mail storage.

The Georgia Tech Email alias service does not guarantee access to other services that may or may not be provided by Georgia Tech.


The following guidelines apply to the usage of EMFL services as they do to the usage of Institute email services in general:

Email Alias Guidelines


Upon approval, this policy shall be published on the Georgia Tech IT Policy website. The following offices and individuals shall be notified via email and/or in writing upon approval of the policy and upon any subsequent revisions or amendments made to the original document:

  • Office of Human Resources (OHR)
  • Alumni Office

Any person who uses the Institute's Email-for-Life service consents to all of the provisions of this policy as well as the Acceptable Use Policy, Cyber Security Policy, and Data Privacy Policy and agrees to comply with all of its terms and conditions, and with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations. Violations of these policies or applicable state and federal laws and regulations may result in loss of usage privileges.

Georgia Tech reserves the right to make modifications to the EMFL policy as it deems necessary. Georgia Tech will use reasonable efforts to communicate changes to the EMFL policy to EMFL users in a timely manner. Changes to the EMFL policy apply to all EMFL users and EMFL users agree to comply with these changes.

Policy History
Revision Number Author Description
1.2.1 Richard Biever Review and Update of the EMFL policy.
1.2.2 Jimmy Lummis Updated reference links