Georgia Tech offers programs and provides services and resources to support a variety of international activities including support for the international teaching and research activities of the faculty, study abroad, hosting international students and scholars, and the fostering of internationally-themed events on campus. The Office of International Education (OIE) is dedicated to supporting faculty efforts to facilitate international education at Georgia Tech in five key areas:

  1. Faculty Development. First and foremost, we are a resource for faculty development in the international arena including information about international scholarships and fellowships for overseas study/sabbaticals as well as for international programming, opportunities and possible support for short international study trips, facilitation of the establishment of linkages with colleagues in universities overseas, assistance with international travel to participate in international conferences and symposia, and assistance with the development of, and funding for, international symposia and/or conferences that might be held here on our campus.
  2. Assistance to faculty in the development of study abroad programs for undergraduate and graduate students
  3. Assistance with all aspects of bringing international students or scholars to study and/or conduct research in faculty labs.
  4. Support for, and assistance in the planning of, efforts to internationalize Georgia Tech including revisions to the curriculum to offer more international/global courses or to add international content to existing courses; to develop, and solicit funding for, international programs and collaborative international research projects. In addition, we would welcome opportunities to assist with international/cultural activities on our campus that would enhance the integration of, and appreciation for, the diverse cultures represented on our campus.
  5. The Office of International Education serves as a resource for possible sources of external funding to support projects in any of the above areas.

Further information is available at the OIE website: