Policies for Comment

Policy Proposals Open for Campus Feedback

Georgia Tech has introduced a new process that allows students, faculty and staff to review and comment on draft policies before they become official. The purpose of the Policy Open Comment Period is to provide a mechanism for campus-wide feedback on new Institute policies and substantial changes to existing Institute policies. The comment period gives the campus community the opportunity to have a voice in the development of policies that will have a direct impact on the campus.

We encourage you to provide feedback on policies that are being considered for Institute approval. Once you have reviewed the draft policy, you may send an email to the policy contact with your comments/feedback. All comments will be reviewed by the policy contact to be considered for inclusion in the policy.

Administrative Policies:

Administrative Policies available for campus feedback:

DRAFT: Non-Retaliation
Policy Owner: Human Resources
Policy Contact: Eric White

DRAFT: Motor Vehicle Use
Policy Owner: Environmental Health & Safety, Human Resources, Insurance and Claims Management
Policy Contact: Jerel Harris, Eric White, Tom Provancher

DRAFT - Controlled Unclassified Information
Policy Owner: Georgia Tech CyberSecurity
Policy Contact: Blake Penn

DRAFT: Security Camera Use
Policy Owner: Security and Police
Policy Contact: Jeffrey Hunnicutt

Academic Policies:

There are no Academic Policies available for campus feedback at this time. Please check back for future policies open for comment.

Faculty Handbook

Proposed changes to the Faculty Handbook are posted in the Agenda of the General Faculty for reading prior to approval. Agendas and Minutes of the General Faculty can be found here.

Student Regulations

Proposed changes to the Student Regulations are posted in the Agenda of the Academic Senate for reading prior to approval. Agendas and Minutes of the Academic Senate can be found here.

Policy Mailing List

Join the Policy Library mailing list for policy updates to the campus community!

Simply email policylibrary@gatech.edu to subscribe.

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