On an annual basis, every Institute employee is required to affirm their understanding of ethical standards and the conflict of interest policy; and certify all of their external activities and financial relationships. This year, all faculty, staff and student employees must do both between March 17 and April 18. Beginning on March 17, employees can visit "My Compliance Campaigns" on TechWorks (techworks.gatech.edu) to learn more about the code of ethics and conflict of interest regulations, as well as submit the required information.

Understanding your responsibilities as a public employee and as a member of the Georgia Tech community is important in maintaining ethical standards across the Institute and insuring that the Institute remains compliant with federal and state laws governing reporting and managing conflicts of interest. Employees who do not comply by April 18 will receive a formal disciplinary notice, and their access to Georgia Tech authenticated systems will be removed.

Questions? Send an email to ethics.ask@ohr.gatech.edu.