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Human Resources
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Charvette Webb
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Talent Acquisition Manager
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Policy Statement

Georgia Tech provides equal opportunity with respect to all employment practices including employment testing. The Office of Human Resources is the sole authority in administering software skills tests to measure a candidate's ability to perform certain essential functions of a position.


General Testing

Candidates may be asked to demonstrate job-related skills or provide work examples to assist hiring supervisors in their evaluation of a candidate's qualifications. All similarly qualified candidates for a position must be given the same opportunity. All selected tests must be job-related and supported by the position description. Testing for specific positions must be included in the job announcement.

Disabled Candidates

An individual with a known disability, which prevents him/her from taking the test or performing the demonstration of a skill, may request an accommodation. Reasonable accommodations may include, but are not limited to, modification of the methods for providing testing, use of adaptive equipment or aids, etc. Hiring supervisors who know of a candidate's disability or receive a request for accommodation in testing should contact the Office of Human Resources/Disability Services at (404) 894-3344.

Job Openings Subject to Testing

Tests currently administered by OHR consist of office automation software, clerical skills, data entry skills and speed typing. Job openings that necessitate applicant testing are those positions requiring the use of personal computer skills in word processing, database, spreadsheet and/or presentation graphics applications and/or the demonstration of certain office support skills. Such positions include all secretarial, clerical and administrative assistant classifications as well as many accounting and technical positions.

Cost for Test Administration

The current cost for each software test administered by OHR is $25.00. OHR will use the P. O. # listed on the Applicant Testing Request to transfer funds from the requesting department. 

Applicant Testing Request

The hiring manager will specify the test(s) to be administered when the Job Requisition is submitted to the OHR/Compensation Administration Office. A copy of the web based Qwiz Online Assessment tests is included in this policy. Upon reviewing the assessment list, complete the Applicant Testing Request Form . The Applicant Testing Request form must accompany the Job Requisition submitted to Compensation Administration to initiate the hiring process.

The basis for test selection will be the software a successful candidate will be expected to use on an ongoing basis as an essential job function or the clerical skills that must be demonstrated.

Selection of Applicants for Testing

Following review of applications and/or resumes, the hiring contact will select those candidates whose qualifications appear best matched to the job requirements. The Employment Specialist assigned to the position will coordinate with the hiring contact to make arrangements to schedule testing. The average time frame for each test is 20-30 minutes.

Test Administration

At the scheduled time, the Testing Administrator (OHR second floor) will greet the candidate(s), introduce him or her to the testing process, and bring up applicable software test on the PC in the testing station. Once testing is completed, the system will automatically send the test results via email to the appropriate Employment Specialist. The Employment Specialist will then forward scores to the hiring contact. OHR will maintain files on all tests administered.

Test Score Standards

Several factors are involved in the selection process. In those cases where testing is applicable, the resulting test scores would certainly be one of the factors. However, test scores alone should not indicate whether or not an applicant should be hired. Other factors such as length of service, type of experience, interpersonal skills, etc. should also be considered. During evaluation of a candidate's test scores, it is often helpful to have a point of reference for purposes of comparison. When the hiring contact receives test scores, also included will be the Qwiz campus average for those who have taken the same test; and, the national average from Qwiz.