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Policy Statement

Georgia Tech Temps are temporary employees of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Temporary employees shall be employed for a period no longer than six calendar months; however, such temporary employment may be extended up to an additional six months if the appropriate employing supervisor needs the services of that individual, subject to the approval of the Associate Vice President for Human Resources or his/her designated representative. Once an individual has served as a "temporary" employee for a twelve month period, he/she shall not thereafter be employed as a "temporary" employee until a period of thirty (30) calendar days has elapsed. Temporary employees are not eligible to participate in any of the benefits programs offered by the Institute. All assignments are temporary and the Office of Human Resources (OHR) cannot guarantee continuous work assignments. OHR will make every effort to send current Tech Temps on assignments when they become available.

Tech Temp recruitment through the Office of Human Resources is facilitated by use of the Georgia Tech online application system. However, departments may hire applicants (who can present a resume proving their qualification for a position) via personal referral. Hiring managers also have the option to hire a temporary employee through a currently approved and contracted temporary employment vendor (vendor temporary workers are not considered to be Georgia Tech employees and are not paid through Georgia Tech payroll). Information regarding currently approved vendors can be obtained by contacting the Georgia Tech HR/Tech Temp office.


Requirements for Eligibility

Before the start of any assignment, Tech Temp applicants who are hired as campus employees (whether through referral or OHR recruitment) must provide the Office of Human Resources with the following; an authorized Pre-Employment Screening Request Form, an updated resume documenting their qualification for the open position, proper identification proving their eligibility to work in the United States, and a Tech Temp Job Order Request (signed and dated by the hiring department). The cost of pre-employment screening is the responsibility of the hiring department. See OHR online Policy No. 5.6 for a list of safety sensitive positions.

Benefits Eligibility

Tech Temp employees are not eligible to participate in any of the benefits programs offered by the Institute except for the mandatory Georgia Defined Contribution Plan and the optional 403(b) retirement plan.

Criminal Background Investigations

Georgia Tech requires a criminal background investigation for all Tech Temps. Board of Regents policy prohibits employment of applicants with certain convictions. Applicants with a history of these convictions will be refused employment with Georgia Tech. Before the start of any assignment, a Tech Temp must present a departmentally authorized Pre-Employment Screening Request Form. A hiring manager must receive confirmation of a passed background check from the HR/Tech Temp office before any Tech Temp begins work.

Pre-employment and Substance Abuse Screening

Georgia Tech requires alcohol and drug screening tests for individuals working in selected safety-sensitive positions. The notification requiring pre-employment alcohol and drug tests is included in all advertised (regular and temporary) safety-sensitive positions included in the program. Applicants testing positive for alcohol and/or drug abuse will not be considered for employment at Georgia Tech for a period of two years.

Candidates are not allowed to start working until the Tech Temp Office calls a department by phone or e-mail to officially give the hiring status. Timeliness regarding notification of test results can vary depending on applicant's date of specimen submittal, results of test, and administration of Medical Review Officer Rules regarding confidentiality. Complete information regarding this policy can be located at Pre-Employment and Substance Abuse Screening.


Tech Temps should dress in a professional manner appropriate to their work assignment and/or department. Complete guidelines regarding dress for classified staff can be found, online, in the Business Casual Dress Policy for Summer and Fridays.


It is the responsibility of each temporary employee to be on time for all assignments. If a situation occurs where the Tech Temp is unable to be on time, or must cancel the assignment, the Tech Temp must call the immediate supervisor. If problems such as absenteeism or tardiness persist, the Tech Temp will be terminated.

Evaluation and Performance Expectations

Tech Temps sent out on assignments will be evaluated by the department. The evaluation will be returned to the Office of Human Resources and become part of the employment records. Unsatisfactory evaluations will result in the Temp being denied future referrals as a Tech Temp. Departments may terminate the assignment at any time based on performance, change in needs, or budget considerations. It is the Temp's responsibility to clear all departments at the end of each assignment (turn in keys, Georgia Tech I.D., etc.).


For information concerning parking permits please see the Office of Parking and Transportation for further information.

Pay Period

Pay periods end every other Wednesday, and checks are issued the following week on Friday.


Tech Temps on assignment do not normally work overtime (more than 40 hours in one workweek) unless written approval is first received from the current supervisor.


Tech Temps on long term assignments will not be transferred to another assignment unless they have been on the current assignment at least one month; made a request in writing to be reassigned; and, received a favorable evaluation from their current assignment.

Regular Employment

Hiring for regular positions is coordinated by the Office of Human Resources. Temporary employees may apply for internal campus-wide (and departmental postings within their department) positions listed on the OHR online application Job Bulletin.

Distinction Between Tech Temp and Temporary Researcher

Applicants who are being considered for positions conducting scientific research (and generally requiring an advanced degree) on a temporary basis should be classified in an appropriate research faculty position. These research faculty positions require additional credential verification (transcripts, reference letters, BOR approval, etc.) beyond what is required to become a Tech Temp. Any Tech Temp job order request that is submitted with primary duties of conducting scientific research will be evaluated by the HR/Research Faculty office for proper classification.