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Human Resources
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Charvette Webb
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Talent Acquisition Manager
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Policy Statement

The Tech Temp Office will prepare PSFs for all Tech Temp employees. This includes PSFs that effect: Hires, Changes of Status, and Terminations.


Tech Temp Employment

A completed Job Order Request is mandatory to initiate online recruitment and/or generate a PSF. The Tech Temp Job Order Request details the Tech Temp employment process and can be used as a reference for most Tech Temp administration.

Hiring where assistance with recruitment is needed (if candidate is already identified skip to #6):

  1. Complete a Job Order Request form. Tech Temp Job Order Request may be obtained from OHR's web page (http://www.ohr.gatech.edu/ ) by clicking on the "Forms" link.
  2. Either e-mail the form to the Tech Temp Office or forward the hard copy (via campus courier) to the OHR/Tech Temp Office mail code 0435.
  3. Indicate on the form that you want to review resumes from the online application Tech Temp pool. To request access to the applicant pool, (at a minimum) the perceived job title, work duties description, required education/experience, and hiring department (and manager) fields must be completed.
  4. Instructions as well as access for using the Georgia Tech online application system for Tech Temp recruitment will be sent via email. Make sure your password is operational and contact the OHR/Tech Temp office if there are any problems.
  5. While reviewing candidates, print the applications of interest and follow-up with interviews as necessary. Do not move applicants through the brackets, otherwise other departments will not be able to use the applicant pool.

Hiring where recruitment is completed or not needed (applicant identified through OHR recruitment or referral):

  1. When a candidate is identified and an appropriate title is finalized; determine if the title requires a pre-employment substance abuse screening (all Tech Temp hires require a criminal background check). The Tech Temp office is available for assistance with choosing an appropriate title and pay range for duties assigned to the position.
  2. Complete all field s of the Tech Temp Job Order Request . The proposed Tech Temp must bring the authorized Job Order Request, an updated resume (proving qualification for the position/title), appropriate identification documents, and a Pre-Employment Screening Request Form to the Tech Temp Office before the start of any assignment. Applicants are not permitted to begin work until the hiring manager receives conformation of a passed background screening (and a passed substance abuse screening, if applicable).
  3. The OHR/Tech Temp office will send a copy of the completed PSF for review and conformation. Tech

Temp Termination Procedures

Hiring managers are required to send a separate request (termination dates on the Tech Temp Job Order Request are projected only) to terminate a Tech Temp assignment.

  1. Send an e-mail requesting the termination and specify the reason and termination date. NOTE : The termination date should be the day after the last day worked by the Tech Temp, e.g., if Brandi Johnson's last day worked was December 1, 2003 -- then her termination effective date would be December 2, 2003.
  2. The terminating Tech Temp must hand deliver their completed termination clearance form to the OHR/Benefits Office on the last day of their employment. OHR/Benefits will release the final check and help prepare the Georgia Defined Contribution refund paperwork.

Pay Rate Changes, Job Changes

Send an e-mail requesting the pay rate/job change and specify an effective date. Include a detail ed outline of the circumstances which justify the pay change.

Send an e-mail detailing any other employment change requests so the circumstances can be evaluated and the proper course of action can be initiated.

The requesting department will receive a copy of all PSFs prepared by the Tech Temp Office via e-mail. Please review these copies for accuracy and if you have any questions or concerns, contact us immediately at 404-894-7011 or 404-894-8963.