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Human Resources
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Charvette Webb
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Talent Acquisition Manager
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Policy Statement

When a new position is created or when an authorized position becomes vacant, a Job Requisition Form must be completed by the appropriate department and sent to the Compensation or Talent Acquisition, respectively, when ready to fill. The Job Requisition Form is also accessible through the OHR website: www.ohr.gatech.edu in the ‘Downloaded Forms’ section.


Job Requisition

Departments who wish to fill a vacant position must complete and submit to OHR/Compensation a Job Requisition Form. The Job Requisition Form should be filled out completely. The hiring range (minimum to midpoint) should be documented and any unusual hours should be noted such as overtime or shift work. You must document on the job announcement if applicant testing (drug, background, credit or skills test) is required. The description of duties and requirements must be stated in specific terms, not in the broad sense such as those in the Board of Regents description. A careful distinction should be made between basic qualifications (an absolute necessity to adequately perform the job) and preferred qualifications (that which would enhance ones job performance beyond the minimum).

Compensation will write a brief summary of the vacant position (to include duties, education, experience and hiring range). When the announcement has been advertised, Compensation should be informed immediately if editing is required.

Physical Requirements

Under the Physical Requirements section of the Job Requisition Form, the essential job functions must be listed, such as prolonged standing, bending, reaching, walking, weight lifting, etc.

Job Bulletin

For new positions, after the job requisition has been reviewed, edited and approved by Compensation, it is sent to the department for submision to Talent Acquisition and assigned to a Recruiting Consultant. The advertising process then begins. The job bulletin is updated daily and may be accessed in the Office of Human Resources receptionist area or on the OHR website:www.ohr.gatech.edu. Jobs may be added and deleted from the job bulletin daily.

The Bulletin Process

The posting date is not restricted to Monday through Friday. It may begin any day of the week. A position can be posted one of three ways:


Requires the job to be posted on the Georgia Tech website for a minimum of five business days (external and internal applicants may apply).


Requires the job to be posted on the Georgia Tech website for a minimum of five business days (only internal applicants may apply).


Must be placed in a conspicuous place within the hiring department for a minimum of five days (only employees within the department may apply, including students and Tech Temps).

Normally, a job is first posted internal to the department unless another posting option is requested or if a position is underutilized. If a position is underutilized for females or minorities it is required to be posted external a minimum of five business days. The hiring manager may request an exception, by separate correspondence, through the Talent Acquisition, to the Employee Relations Services (ERS) Director. Talent Acquisition will communicate to the hiring manager, the status of the exception ASAP. Exceptions should include bonafide job related reasons. If you are considering a minority for the vacant position an exception may be given.

If the position is underutilized Talent Acquisition will advise the hiring manager to make a good faith effort to ensure a diverse pool of applicants. Talent Acquisition will discuss outreach activities with the hiring manager.

Talent Acquisition will contact Employee Relations Services and advise of the underutilization and recruiting strategy. During this period, no resumes will be referred to the hiring manager.

ERS will review the applicant pool weekly and determine within the second week of posting, if the applicant pool is diverse. If the applicant pool is not approved, Talent Acquisition will notify the hiring manager that resumes cannot be referred until additional good faith efforts are made. This process continues until a diverse applicant pool is established or a reasonable effort has been made to attract a diverse applicant pool.

When ERS approves a diverse pool of applicants Talent Acquisition is given permission to proceed with forwarding all qualified resumes to the hiring manager.

The hiring manager is also encouraged to utilize a diverse selection team or committee (2 or more employees, preferably including women and/or minorities) in the hiring process.

Newspaper Advertising

OHR assists in the preparation/composition of ads. The hiring manager may write the ad; however, Talent Acquisition must review the copy for ERS and University policy compliance. Advertisements should always include the phrase “GT is an EEO/AA Employer”. All ads must be consistent, specifically the requirements and education with the verbiage listed on the Georgia Tech job bulletin.

Billing information is required so that the cost of the ad is billed to the requesting department. Talent Acquisition will provide the hiring manager a draft of the ad to include the estimated cost for review and approval. All ads are billed to the specific department therefore a Project Number is required. Some publications will accept credit cards.


Each individual who wishes to be considered for employment with Georgia Tech must submit an application online. The address for the online application is http://www.careers.gatech.edu/. The responsibility of ensuring that an application is submitted is that of the applicant.

Georgia Tech Employees must remain in their position for one year. Should an exception be requested the employee must receive permission from their supervisor and the Office of Human Resources. An employee is eligible to apply for a vacant position within their department at any time.

Recruiting Efforts

Many people of their own initiative apply for positions, including current employees seeking transfers and/or promotions. In addition, OHR makes every effort to recruit qualified applicants. Recruiting takes many forms - advertising, visiting high schools, technical/trade schools, business colleges and other universities, job fairs, internet recruiting, websites, and contacting various government agencies such as the Department of Labor and Vocational Rehabilitation. A concerted effort is made to follow-up on persons referred through recruiting endeavors. As an equal opportunity employer, special efforts are made to invite minorities, female, and disabled individuals to apply.

The recruitment process is automated through our web-based system. The hiring process takes place online for applicants, departments and OHR. Applicants search and apply for jobs online. They may also track the status of jobs applied for as well as receive email notification after applying for jobs. All profiles are kept active for one year and can be updated as needed. Applicants are encouraged to review the job bulletin frequently and reapply for new openings.

Department Contact

A web-based system allows Talent Acquisition and the Hiring department to complete the classified hiring process via the internet. Managers are provided a user-name and password to retrieve resumes. You may contact a Recruiting Consultant if user-name/password is lost or misplaced.

The Office of Human Resources makes a concerted and conscientious effort to give each job opening personal attention. Open lines of communication are encouraged between OHR and each department on campus.

During the interview process, the Recruiting Consultant appreciates “feedback” on the quality of the applicants referred so that future screening will reflect better applicants. All applicants who meet the minimum requirements are referred to the hiring manager. Hiring managers are encouraged to screen applicants regarding preferred skills.

Resumes reviewed by the Recruiting Consultant

The Recruiting Consultant will review your job every other day and daily when feasible. The hiring manager may at any time review the “Referred Applicants” list to see if additional resumes have been referred. Each applicant status may be updated by indicating if the applicant will be interviewed. It may be more applicable to view all applicants first and then make a decision on who you will interview when the position has been placed on hold. Please keep in mind when a decision has been made it can only be revised by your HR Representative.

The hiring manager must provide job related reasons for selection/non-selection in the comment section provided for all referred applicants. When the final candidate is chosen, you should immediately request approval for the position. Your request is forward to your HR Rep for review and approval and then forward to the Consultant for final approval. A written email will be forwarded to the hiring manager when the position has been approved by Talent Acquisition. If there are concerns regarding the selection process the Human Resources Representative (HR Rep) will be notified.

Note: If the recommended salary exceeds the midpoint you must submit an exception letter to the Director, Compensation, and Administrator for review and approval. An official offer should not be made until approval is received from OHR.


References are required for external applicants only. We request that you submit at least two written references in the database or via mail.

Drug Testing

Applicants who are chosen for positions that require drug testing for safety sensitive positions will be informed by the appropriate hiring manager. Offers should not be made until drug testing results have been provided to the hiring manager(s).