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Human Resources
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Kevin Merkel
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Senior Director-Payroll and Total Rewards
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Georgia Tech offers a two-part orientation for new employees. The Office of Human Resources provides a Benefits Orientation for new employees, while the Office of Organizational Development provides a general New Employee Orientation. It is beneficial for new employees to attend both orientation events.

Benefits Orientation

During this orientation the Office of Human Resources explains benefits options. The employee will complete essential benefits paperwork to enroll in selected insurance programs and other related benefits documents. The Benefits Department at (404) 894-1417 should be contacted immediately if a new employee is unable to attend the benefit orientation program. Employees must enroll in the Institute’s group insurance products within 30 days of their employment.

New Employee Orientation

The Office of Organizational Development offers general New Employee Orientation monthly. To best become oriented to a new organization it is critical to understand its traditions, history, future plans, and organizational culture. It is also imperative to be familiar with the organizational structure and how one’s department fits into the structure as a whole. In addition to these components, the orientation includes a short walking tour and a bus tour of the campus. An information overview is provided about key campus departments.


On the employee’s first day of employment, he/she should visit the Office of Human Resources to complete tax and employment forms. The Benefits Department schedules new employees for the benefits orientation. The Benefits Department will provide a “new employee packet” containing essential information. Employees schedule the new employee orientation with the Office of Organizational Development at (404) 894-1146.

Note: These orientation programs are not designed to replace specific department orientation programs. Each department is encouraged to continue to acquaint their new employees with their work areas, departmental organization, and specific job responsibilities, etc.

Questions concerning scheduling of employees for the orientation programs should be directed to the Benefits Department, (404) 894-1417.

Questions concerning the content of the general orientation should be directed to the Office of Organizational Development, (404) 894-1146.