Procurement of Goods and Services

Procurement of Goods and Services
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This policy provides guidelines regarding the Institute’s process for procuring goods and services.

Policy Statement

Purchasing authority is granted to the College and University Procurement Officer (CUPO) at Georgia Institute of Technology by the State Department of Administrative Services (DOAS), State Purchasing Division (SPD) and the Board of Regents (BOR). In accordance with O.C.G.A Section 50-5-69, SPD may, at its discretion, delegate purchasing authority to state entities to permit those state entities to make purchases on their own behalf.

In all procurement instances, the Order of Precedence should be followed as described in the Georgia Procurement Manual Section 1.3 unless the goods or services are exempt (see Georgia Tech Policy Exempt Procurements) or procurement requirements have been waived.

The Georgia Tech E-Procurement System and the GT PCard are the Institute’s approved buying methods for procurements from external suppliers. Use of the appropriate buying tool must be in compliance with Institute policies and procedures.  Learn more here. All procurement related questions should be sent to the procurement mailbox via ServiceNow.

Access to the Georgia Tech E-Procurement System may be contingent upon training and/or role responsibility.

All purchase requests must be approved by a financial and spend approver (or equivalent). GT employees may have more than one role in the Georgia Tech E-Procurement System; however, each requisition must be submitted and approved by at least two separate individuals.

The official Institute process for the procurement of goods and services is categorized into the following types unless identified in Policy Exempt Procurements:

  • Purchases within the scope and limits of a Georgia Tech or State of Georgia contract
  • Non-contract purchases less than $25,000 which are delegated to the departments/units
  • Non-contract purchases $25,000 or greater which require formal bidding or publicly posted sole source justification (must be done by the Purchasing Department)
  • Exempt purchases defined in Policy Exempt Procurements may at the discretion of the Purchasing Department, require bidding/sole source justification

A quote from the vendor/supplier should be attached to the requisition for all non-catalog purchases.  For low dollar purchases of items found on vendors/suppliers websites, the Purchasing Department may accept alternate documentation in lieu of a formal quote.  Please contact the Purchasing Department in these cases for acceptable alternative documentation.


This policy applies to all Georgia Tech faculty and staff members.  

Policy Terms

Georgia Tech E-Procurement System

Georgia Tech’s E-Procurement System is utilized to establish all purchase requests. Within the e-procurement system, a purchase request is called a requisition. Requisitions must be utilized for all purchases that are not allowable under one of the other purchasing methods (i.e. PCard, check request, or petty cash).


It is the responsibility of the Sr. Director of Procurement and Business Services and the Director of Purchasing to verify that purchases made under their purview are compliant with Georgia Tech, Board of Regents, State and Federal procurement policies and procedures.


To report suspected instances of ethical violations, please visit Georgia Tech’s Ethics Hotline, a secure and confidential reporting system, at:

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1/2021 Purchasing Department Updated to align with 2 C.F.R. § 200
12/2020 Purchasing Department Policy updated to comply with Workday and consolidate information


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