General Information and Definitions

General Information and Definitions
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This statement sets forth the authority, policies, regulations and procedures governing official travel for Georgia Tech employees.

Policy Statement

The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia is responsible for travel policies for the University System. Policies and procedures are contained in the Board of Regents Business Procedures Manual. In addition the State of Georgia State Accounting Office is authorized to adopt rules and regulations governing travel policies that promote economy and efficiency in state government and which treat employees fairly and equitably.

The policies and procedures set forth in the travel statements apply to reimbursements from state funds, foundation funds and sponsored funds, unless the sponsored agreement specifically states otherwise.

Authorization to travel must be obtained prior to travel from the unit head or their authorized designee.

Travel is for official Georgia Tech business and is contingent upon the availability of funds.

Employees required to travel are entitled to reimbursement for reasonable, necessary and allowable incurred expenses. Additional expenses incurred for personal preferences or convenience are the responsibility of the traveler.

Questions regarding travel policies and procedures should be directed to the Travel Team in Procurement &Business Services by submitting a ServiceNow request.

In the case of dispute of reimbursable expenses, the Senior Vice President for Administration & Finance will make the final decision regarding the allowability of expenses.

Policy Terms

State Employee
Any Georgia Tech employee, whether temporary or permanent, who is paid through Georgia Tech payroll.

In-State Travel
Travel within the borders of Georgia.

Out-of-state Travel
Includes any travel outside the state of Georgia, including foreign travel.


IRS Accountable Plan Rule for Official Institute Travel
Expense reimbursements to employees by the Institute are not taxable to an employee if the reimbursements are made under an accountable plan. The accountable plan for IRS purposes is Georgia Tech's travel policy. Employee reimbursements that comply with our travel reimbursement policy are not reportable as income. Reimbursements that exceed our travel reimbursement policy may be reportable as income and reported on the employee's annual W-2 or 1042-s form. Information regarding the IRS policy for reimbursements that do not comply with our accountable plan rules can be found in IRS Publication 15-B: Employer's Tax Guide to Fringe Benefits Publication 463: Travel, Entertainment, Gift, and Car Expenses provides information regarding the tax issues related to these topics.

Foreign Travel and Special Export Control Policies
International travel regulations include special export control compliance policies. Review "travel authorization procedures" for detailed information.

Employee Travel & Expense System
All travel authorizations and expense reimbursements for employees are to be submitted through the Institute’s Financial System. This system includes travel policy compliance edits and electronic approval workflow. Each campus department is responsible for assigning appropriate administrative and financial approvers for their unit.