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Awards Policy
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jgastley3 Thu, 05/31/2012 - 14:50
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Human Resources
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Kevin Merkel
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Senior Director-Payroll and Total Rewards
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The Georgia Institute of Technology supports recognition of outstanding employee contributions at all organizational levels. Awards recognize employees who perform "above and beyond" expectations. Awards must be paid from non-State funds and may be made in the form of cash payment, plaque, trophy, pin, certificate, meals or reception.



  1. All awards are designed for individual’s whose contributions demonstrate a benefit to the Institute or unit operations.
  2. All units shall have documented nomination/selection criteria for any award. If a unit chooses to have a selection committee, all members’ names should be documented.
  3. Nominations for awards are open to any regular, temporary, or student employee of the sponsoring unit.
  4. Nominations for all awards must be made to the designated official within each unit of the Institute.
  5. All nominees must be in good standing (no current disciplinary action and a minimum of fully successful/meets requirement performance level) with the Institute.
  6. All competitive awards must include a minimum of two (2)-qualified nominees. There may be up to three winners if there are multiple nominees or competitors. In no case will more than one half of the nominees be declared winners of awards.
  7. The names of all winners of Awards will be submitted to the Director of Grants and Contracts.
  8. All awards must comply with the State of Georgia and Board of Regents compensation policies.
  9. No award may represent extra compensation or overtime payment to the employee.
  10. All awards are subject to the appropriate federal, state and local taxes (see Employee Awards and Prizes).