Broadband Connections for Faculty and Staff

Broadband Connections for Faculty and Staff
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 It is the responsibility of Georgia Tech and each of its budgetary units to implement procedures to effectively use communication services and equipment at the lowest possible cost. With the rapid growth in requirements for high speed broadband network access (e.g. DSL, cable-modem) for some Georgia Tech faculty and staff, and with the Georgia Tech philosophy of unit-based management, heads of budgetary units (Vice Presidents, Deans, School Chairs, Department Heads) or their designee are authorized to acquire broadband services for faculty and staff when required for institutional purposes.

The purpose of this policy is to outline the eligibility criteria, acceptable usage, and administration of Georgia Tech-funded broadband service granted to faculty and staff members. Insofar as this policy deals with access to Georgia Tech computing and network resources, all relevant provisions in the Acceptable Use Policy, the Cyber Security Policy, and the Data Privacy Policy are applicable and included by reference in this document.

Eligibility and Acceptable Use

Granting Institute-funded broadband service to faculty and staff members by individual units on campus, with the express intent of conducting Institute business when it is demonstrated an employee cannot perform his/her duties without high speed (broadband service) access to the Internet and/or to the Georgia Tech network, or that improved performance and productivity ensuing from broadband service will justify the investment, shall be authorized under this policy. Each department is to maintain approved justification documentation for each approval of broadband service.

Examples of conditions under which broadband service may be granted to employees include:

  • Broadband service is required to achieve business objectives by an employee who routinely or predominantly telecommutes.
  • An employee cannot adequately meet communications needs with other available alternatives such as dial-up modems.
  • Broadband service is required for on-call personnel required to respond to critical system failures or service disruptions.
  • Broadband service is determined to be the most appropriate means of responding to campus emergencies.
  • Broadband service is needed to facilitate program and business access to campus and Internet resources to remotely conduct Institute business.

Georgia Tech will cover the cost of a competitive broadband service plan used primarily for job-related activities. Employees who wish to add personally-owned computers to any such plan must do so at their own expense. Furthermore, all broadband service users are reminded that such privileges are covered by the Acceptable Use Policy, the Cyber Security Policy, and the Data Privacy Policy as well as any relevant Unit-Level Network Usage Policy.

Ordering and Payment Administration

Managers of employees qualifying for Institute-funded broadband service are to initially determine the business needs and select an appropriate package which meets these requirements. Both the business need and broadband service package selection should be reviewed periodically, at least annually.

The following ordering and payment options are allowed under this policy:

  1. Departmental P-Card Departments may acquire broadband service via departmental P-cards, but they should note that special obligations go along with the convenience. Specifically, only designated Georgia Tech Procurement Officials may enter into contracts on Georgia Tech’s behalf. This means Broadband service contracts obtained via P-card and signed by an employee are, in fact, personal obligations of the employee. Should the employee terminate while an agreement signed by the employee is still in force, it is the responsibility of the employee to fulfill the terms of the agreement. The department is to maintain the approved justification documentation for each broadband service obtained in this manner.
  2. Georgia Tech Purchasing Georgia Tech Purchasing will process requests for Broadband service upon receipt of an approved purchase requisition. Purchasing will procure these services via standing agreements available to Georgia Tech. In special circumstances, Purchasing may utilize other agreements obtained from any carrier who best meets the needs of the Institute. Broadband service will be billed directly to the ordering department, based upon the information on the purchase order (FPO). Object code 773500 Cellular Services, will be used to account for Broadband service costs. Departments will review and verify Broadband service bills on a monthly basis and forward the approved invoice to Accounts Payable for payment. Invoices are to be submitted at least 10 days before due date to allow for payment processing and mail delivery. Invoices may be paid by Pcard. Effective May 1, 2003 the default account must be changed to 773500 utilizing the Georgia Tech Pcard reallocation tool.
  3. Personal Contracts Heads of budgetary units may authorize employee reimbursement for business use of their personal broadband service contracts. Additionally, it may make economic and business sense to pay a differential price to boost an employee’s current service package on their personal phone or cable arrangement by an amount sufficient to cover the addition of authorized broadband service. If the unit head determines that this approach is in the best interest of the Institute, they should document the rationale for this decision, keep on file and review periodically (at least annually) to ensure that this is still the appropriate option.

Right to Monitor Communications and Right to Privacy

Georgia Tech reserves the right to investigate, retrieve and read any communication or data composed, transmitted or received through voice services, online connections and/or stored on its servers and/or property, without further notice to faculty and staff, to the maximum extent permissible by law. Express notice to faculty and staff stating that there is no right to privacy for any use of Institute telecommunications equipment and services, or funded by Institute resources, should be included in the approval form granting funding for broadband services.


All approval and justification documents shall be kept by unit business officers, and shall be subject to periodic reviews by Georgia Tech Internal Audit and/or external audit agencies.