6.9 Rental of License of Facilities by Non-Institute Persons or Organizations

6.9.1 Conditions of Rental or License

The physical facilities of Georgia Tech are not normally available for rental or license. Under specific conditions, however, the President of Georgia Tech may authorize and approve the license or rental of physical facilities of the Institute.

The conditions which must be satisfied include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. The facilities involved are not required during the period of intended license/rental for any Institute purpose.
  2. The use of the facilities shall be restricted to purposes which will benefit directly a major segment of the population of Georgia Tech in an educational or entertainment context, or which are compatible with the academic and residential functions and responsibilities of the Institute.
  3. The non-Institute parties seeking the license or rental must demonstrate sound financial and management capabilities related to responsible utilization of the facilities and must provide an IRS ID number, and proof of licensing by the State of Georgia, bonding and insurance protection.
  4. The rental/license rate shall be set at fair market value as determined from the current rate for similar facilities in the City of Atlanta. Adjustments may be made for events which are sponsored and managed by the appropriate committees of Student or Faculty Governments or by Tier One or Tier Two student organizations (as defined by the SGA by-laws).
  5. The net income from all licenses/rentals shall be utilized to support related programs, or to maintain and improve the physical facility which is used to generate such income.
  6. Facilities shall not be licensed or rented for activities or events which are designed to benefit a political candidate, including campaigning and fundraising.
  7. Individuals or organizations using Institute facilities under these provisions shall not use the name of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Board of Regents or the State of Georgia in advertising or in any other manner to state or imply sanction or sponsorship.
  8. During such use Georgia Tech police and other duly empowered police, security officers, public safety officials and EMT's assigned to the facilities shall be required and instructed to observe and enforce all applicable laws.

In addition, non-Institute persons or organizations that have been approved to use Institute facilities must:

  1. Sign a contract with the Institute for use of its facilities.
  2. Obtain and provide a certificate of liability and property damage insurance (without deductible) which names Georgia Institute of Technology as an additional insured. The liability limits will depend on the nature of the activity and shall be set by the Office of Risk Management.
  3. Reimburse the Institute for additional costs for police, maintenance, etc., incurred in connection with the scheduled activity or event.
  4. Ensure that all promotion and advertising of event involving the use of Georgia Tech identifies the non-Institute person or organization sponsoring the event.
  5. Provide any necessary support personnel not provided for in the contractual agreement with the Institute (i.e., ticket sellers, box office personnel, ushers, support crew, security, etc.).
  6. Ensure that all non-Institute decoration, staging and equipment meet State Fire Code provisions and all other applicable safety standards and regulations prior to their installation and use.
  7. Provide evidence of their ability to meet all expenses in advance of the event.
  8. Arrange food and beverages through the campus concessionaire, where applicable.
  9. Comply with the policies of the Board of Regents, the Institute and the State of Georgia concerning alcoholic beverages.
  10. Take reasonable care to ensure the physical safety and health of the participants and spectators.

6.9.2 Classification of Activities and Events

Use of Georgia Tech facilities by an external organization for an activity or event will be classified in the following levels:

Level 1 is an activity that affects the venue itself and will have no impact on other campus functions or services.

Examples: A team wishes to use Roe Stamps Field for a practice on an hourly basis. A team wishes to rent a specific number of lanes to practice in the Campus Recreation Center Aquatic Center. A small group wishes to use a particular facility for a short-term activity.

Level 2 is an event that will have an effect on campus services adjacent to the venue.

Examples: A swim event at the Campus Recreation Center (CRC), or a Concert, which will affect such campus services as parking and facilities.

Level 3 is an event that will have a major impact across the campus, and which will require coordination of a wide variety of campus facilities and/or services. These events may involve television, attract a large media contingency, and require significant traffic control, security and parking.

Example: Georgia State Games, USA National Championship, International Championship, a large outdoor concert, or State High School Basketball Championship at Alexander Memorial Coliseum (AMC), or a city-wide marathon race.

6.9.3 Reservation Process

  1.  All Level 1 and Level 2 requests for the use of any Georgia Tech facilities from sources external to the Institute shall be directed to CPSM or the appropriate scheduling officer. CPSM or the appropriate Scheduling Officer will evaluate such requests under applicable Institute policies. Level 3 requests must be made in writing to the Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance or designee.
  2. Once the initial inquiry has been made, the date for the event will be checked with the appropriate Scheduling Officer. The following considerations will be reviewed:
    • The availability of the desired facility
    • The nature of the proposed event
    • The organization’s ability to meet expenses and the attendant costs for the event
    • Anticipated attendance
    • Supervision and control of the facility
    • Supervision of the event
    • Admission charges, ticket printing and sales
    • Staffing of box office and gate
    • Care and disposition of the monies collected for the event
    • Publicity
    • Food service
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Police and custodial coverage
    • Insurance requirements
    • Fire code regulations
    • EMT services
    • Program/activity accessibility
    • Crowd control
    • Provisions for guests
    • Signing of contracts/agreements for facility and services
    • Needed equipment and/or special services
    • Accounting for any income derived from the event
    • Set-up of the facility
    • Compliance with all other Institute regulations, federal and state laws
    • Clean-up and restoration of the facility to its original condition
    • Parking considerations
    • Housing needs
    • Coordination of campus support services
    • Waste removal and recycling
  3. Insurance
    Once it is determined to accommodate the event, the external organization must produce proof of appropriate insurance coverage, as determined by the Office of Risk Management. CPSM or the appropriate Scheduling Officer will be responsible for processing the contract, obtaining the insurance certificate, explaining the charges associated with the event, and completing all necessary paperwork for the event.
  4. Contracts
    At the time the insurance coverage is presented, two copies of a Georgia Tech contract must be signed by the external
    organization. The contract is then sent to the appropriate administrator for execution. Once executed, a copy of the contract
    is sent to the external organization and a copy is kept on file by the Scheduling Officer. The external organization is to be
    given no confirmations or guarantees until the contracts have been executed. When the contracts have been executed, a copy
    will be sent to the event organizer.
  5. Advertising
    Advertising shall not begin nor shall invitations be extended until after the proposed event has been approved.

6.9.4 Charges for Use of Georgia Tech Facilities

Depending on the nature, duration, and special requirements for events, the following charges may be assessed:

  • Use of Facility
  • Event Supervision
  • Police
  • Maintenance (i.e. electricians, custodians, grounds crew, etc.)
  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Outside Personnel
  • Student Assistants
  • Special Services
  • Parking

All charges will be explained to the potential user prior to signing a contract with the Institute for the use of its facilities. A deposit may be required with the balance of all charges due no more than two weeks following the receipt of an invoice. Invoicing of activities will be a function of the appropriate scheduling officer for the facility rented and shall comply with all Georgia Tech policies and procedures governing accounting activities.

6.9.5 Student Organization Co-Sponsered Event

If a Georgia Tech student organization co-sponsors an event with an external partner, the event will be treated as an external event under this policy.

An event is a co-sponsorship if an individual or student organization:

  1. Advertises the event as co-sponsored by an off-campus person or organization; or
  2. Operates the event as agent of, or for the benefit of, an off-campus person or organization, except for the solicitation of charitable contributions; or
  3. Distributes any proceeds of the event to an off-campus person or organization, except for the proceeds of charitable contributions solicited; pays fair market price for goods or services provided to the student organization; or
  4. Reserves a room or space for the use of an off-campus person or organization.

Co-sponsorship by a student organization requires the following:

  1. That a member of the student organization be designated and known as the “Institute Host”. The “Institute Host” shall:
    1. Be responsible for planning the event and preparing the budget that will detail anticipated expenses and revenues.
    2. Attend the event to ensure that it is conducted properly and Institute policies are followed.
    3. Become the single point of contact for the external group.
  2. A contract in the form prescribed by the Institute must be executed between the outside organization and the Institute.
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