6.4.5 Non-Institute Speakers Invited by Faculty, Staff, or Faculty or Student Organizations

  1. Procedure for Instructional Faculty
    1. Any member of the teaching faculty may invite an off-campus speaker to address the registered students of their regularly scheduled class, or a special session of their scheduled class or seminar in the assigned classroom space. For additional information concerning normal academic use of Institute facilities see Section 6.4.1.
    2. A faculty member reserves a room or facility for an off-campus speaker by notifying CPSM or the appropriate scheduling officer in writing as soon as possible, with the requested date and time of meeting, the speaker's name and the organization represented, the expected size of the audience, and the requested Institute facility, so that appropriate space can be arranged.
  2. Faculty and Staff Organizations
    Any recognized faculty or staff organization wishing to invite an off-campus speaker to address the membership of the organization is free to do so. An authorized officer of the organization shall submit in writing to the appropriate scheduling officer the speaker's name and the organization represented, if any, the proposed date and time of meeting, the audience to be addressed, and the Institutional facility sought to be used.
  3. Procedure after Approval of Request for Non-Institute Speaker
    1. By acceptance of the invitation to speak, the speaker shall assume full responsibility for any violation of law committed by him/her while he/she is on campus.
    2. The sponsoring organization shall not, in any of its invitations, advertisements or other correspondence, imply that the Institute or the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia approve or are in agreement with any of the positions espoused by the speaker. The approval of the use of instructional facilities by the Institute shall not necessarily imply that the Institute or the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia approves or are in agreement with any of the speaker’s statements.
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