6.3 Use of Outdoor Spaces

6.3.1 Use by the General Public

Members of the general public, who are not Georgia Tech faculty, staff, students or groups chartered by Georgia Tech, may express their views at the Amphitheater adjacent to the Ferst Center. Georgia Tech may designate alternative free speech areas to accommodate large crowds and any campus emergency.

Requests for the use of the Amphitheater are to be made by completing the Use of Facilities and Space form. This form is located on the Event Scheduling page of the CPSM website under “Resources.” The form must be submitted at least five business days prior to the date planned for use.

Non-GT organizations or groups can obtain information on leasing campus space by sending an email inquiry to events@spaceplan.gatech.edu.

6.3.2 Use by Student Organizations

1.    Reserving Outdoor Spaces
Students may choose to use outdoor space on campus for meetings, fundraisers, and organized activities. Tables, carts and booths may be set-up on Tech Walkway and other areas around campus for promoting student organization missions and goals. Tables, carts, booths or similar structures may be set out and used on campus only as provided in this policy. Representatives of the Student groups that reserve space must be in attendance at the location during the reserved time period, especially if co-sponsoring with non-Institute individuals. GT groups can reserve campus space by logging into GT Events from the CPSM website by clicking “reserve space.” Chartered student groups are eligible to apply for a permit for overnight stays (one night 10pm – 7am per month) if the following conditions are met: Overnight stays may occur only in areas designated by the Institute and members are students, faculty, or staff of the Institute.

2.    Banners/Fliers

   a.    Chartered student organizations and recognized faculty and staff organizations may reserve space to hang banners advertising their events at the Student Center balcony, or at areas approved by CPSM.

   b.    Requests for banner space should be submitted to the Student Center for use of the balcony and CPSM for other approved locations.

3.    Chalking

   a.   Student organizations may advertise their events by chalking on ground surfaces around campus. Institute departments may also use chalking to advertise.

   b.   Chalking is permitted on outside ground surfaces only.

   c.   Chalking is not permitted on the Campanile area, on campus fountains, or buildings.

   d.   The use of markers, paint, or chalk spray is prohibited.

   e.   GT student organizations and departments can request permission to chalk on ground surfaces on campus by sending an email inquiry to CPSM at events@spaceplan.gatech.edu.

4.   Displays and Exhibits
Refer to CPSM website (www.space.gatech.edu) for Guidelines for Use of Outdoor Space for use of displays and exhibits for outdoor spaces. This is listed under the “Event Scheduling” tab.

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