6.2 Committee on Use of Institute Facilities

A committee on the Use of Institute Facilities is established by and is responsible to the President of Georgia Tech. The Committee shall have the following membership: a chairperson appointed by the President; one student appointed by the undergraduate SGA; one student appointed by the graduate SGA; one faculty member appointed by the Faculty Executive Board ; the Vice President of Student Life or designee; the Director Capital Planning and Space Management or designee; and the CPSM Scheduling Officer. The Chair is the first point of contact with the Scheduling Officer to determine if waivers and/or exceptions are warranted. The Chair can defer to the full Committee to make a recommendation. The Committee shall:

  1. Review and recommend polices regarding the non-academic use of the Institute facilities.
  2. Upon referral by the Chair, review and recommend all proposed exceptions to policies regarding the use of facilities.
  3. Review group requests not fitting into previously established categories.
  4. Hear appeals from decisions regarding non-academic use of Institute facilities. CPSM Scheduling Officer shall not sit on the committee if she/he made decision.

Responsibility for administering the policy and procedure is in the office of the CPSM, the responsible scheduling officer(s), and the Committee on Use of Institute Facilities.

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