6.1 Definitions

As used in Section 6:

  1. "Academic or administrative unit" means any office or department of the Institute.
  2. "Amplified sound" means sound whose volume is increased by any electric, electronic, mechanical, or motor-powered means. Shouting and group chanting are not amplified sound and are not subject to the special rules on amplified sound, but are subject to general rules on disruption.
  3. “Committee on Use of Institute Facilities” as established by and is responsible to the President of Georgia Tech.
  4. "Faculty member and staff member" includes any person who is employed by Georgia Tech.
  5. “Georgia Tech” and “Institute” mean The Georgia Institute of Technology.
  6. "Institute person or organization" includes academic and administrative units, registered student, faculty, and staff organizations, and individual students, faculty members, and staff members.
  7. "Off-campus person or organization" means any person, organization, or business that is not an academic or administrative unit, a registered student, faculty, or staff organization, or a student, faculty member, or staff member.
  8. “CPSM” means Georgia Tech’s Office of Capital Planning and Space Management.
  9. "Permit" means permission to use Institute facilities.
  10. “President” means the President of the Georgia Institute of Technology or any designee or representative of the President of the Georgia Institute of Technology.
  11. “Provost” means the Provost of the Georgia Institute of Technology or any designee or representative of the Provost of the Georgia Institute of Technology.
  12. "Chartered student organization" includes a registered student organization and Student Government and any unit or subdivision thereof.
  13. “Recognized faculty and staff organizations” are those internal organizations recognized by the Faculty Executive Board or by the Office of the Executive Vice President of Administration and Finance.
  14. "Room or space" includes any room or space, indoors or outdoors, owned or leased by the Institute.
  15. “Scheduling Officer” means CPSM or the scheduling office in the designated facility. See Section 6.11 for all Institute facilities that have their own building scheduling officer.
  16. "Student" means any person who is enrolled in or auditing classes of the Institute, either full-time or part-time; is participating in academic programs; or is pursuing undergraduate, graduate or professional studies. A Student is also any person who matriculates into any Institute program, has been accepted for enrollment or is eligible to re-enroll without applying for readmission.
  17. "Vice President of Student Life" or “VPSL” means the Vice President of Student Life or any designee or representative of the Vice President of Student Life.
  18. "Weekday", “working day” or “business day” means Monday through Friday, except for official Institute holidays; "day" means calendar day.
  19. “Display” or “Exhibit” means an object or collection of related objects, designed to stand on the ground or on a raised surface, that is not a table, and that is designed for temporary display and is not permanently attached to the ground (e.g., an A-frame sign), building or landscape features.
  20. “SGA” means Student Government Association.
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