Undesignated Sponsored Projects

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April 2014
Review Date: 
April 2017
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Sandra Mason
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Undesignated Sponsored Instruction (580), Sponsored Research (680) and Sponsored Other (880) projects are used as a means of facilitating the budgeting of personal services only when specific project numbers are not yet known.

Undesignated expenditures must be completely removed from the accounting records before the end of each fiscal year.

Policy Statement: 

Undesignated projects should only be used where there exists a high degree of assurance that the awards will be approved or where administrative delays have been encountered in the issuance of award documents and the assignment of project numbers. They were never intended as a budgetary device to cover salaries for which adequate funding had not been made and only hopes exist to cover them in the future. Undesignated projects are not to be used as a means of "balancing" a budget and they should never be used when valid project information is available.


An undesignated sponsored report is produced each month by the Salary Planning and Distribution (SPD) Center for each unit and for the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research (EVPR).

For the first eleven months (July - May) of the fiscal year, any undesignated expenditures over 60 days will require justification in accordance with procedures managed by the Office of the EVPR.

Prior to the end of the fiscal year, any balances in the Undesignated Sponsored Projects must be removed and posted to an appropriate unit project or other allowable funding source.

Contact the Grants and Contracts Accounting Department at gc.ask@business.gatech.edu for specific guidance related to managing sponsored projects at Georgia Tech.

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