Catering Providers Policy

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Effective Date: 
July 2005
Last Revised: 
February 2017
Review Date: 
February 2020
Policy Owner: 
Auxiliary Services, Technology Support
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Bob Junko
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Director of Finance, Auxiliary Operations
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In all cases, the procurement of food/catering services must be an approved expense, subject to the State of Georgia and Georgia Tech policies.


1.0 Catering Providers Policy

1.1 For catering purchases under $300, any licensed food service provider may be used (including the caterers listed below - or other providers at the choice of the event sponsor - subject to Building Manager approval).

1.2 For all catering purchases over $300, for events on Georgia Tech property, only the approved, licensed caterers under contract with Georgia Tech listed below may be used.

1.3 For catering in the Student Center or Student Center Commons, only Georgia Tech Catering may be used.

Primary Catering Service
Georgia Tech Catering, 404-894-1542 or 404-894-9559,
Secondary Catering Services  
Affairs To Remember: (404)-872-7859 Highland Bakery/ Rising Roll: (404)-586-0722
Allmora Culinary Services: (404)-388-1646 Proof of the Pudding: (404) 892-2359
Alon’s Bakery : (678-397-1781 Serendipity Catering: (770-455-4545
Avenue Catering Concepts: (404) 495-0555 Soiree Catering : (404) 467-1699
Bold America: (678)-302-3234 Sun in my Belly: (404) 370-0856
Carlyles’s: (404)-872-4231 Time To Dine: (770) 3841904
Technology Square Restaurants  
Barrelhouse Tavern – Phone: (404)-844-5601 Tin Drum – Phone: 404-881-1368
Rays/Cedars – Phone: 404-888-9911 Waffle House – Phone: 770-729-5807
Chucks Famous Sandwiches: (404)-249-7733  

Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center (404) 838-2060 – Limited to Technology Square venues only

1.3 Caterers are not generally added to the list except at the end of the 5-year contract cycle. Secondary caterers are pre-selected through a Request for Proposal process approximately every five years. Catering providers are limited in order to insure safe, high-quality products and services are available for a wide variety of campus needs.

2.0 Additional Policies

2.1 Payment for catering services through Georgia Tech Accounts Payable will be authorized only for approved catering service providers.

2.2 Building Managers have the authority to prescribe the level of service and any special stipulations required in their building.

2.3 Event sponsors retain the responsibility to provide furniture, power and adequate lighting of facilities in which catered events are held.

2.4 Caterers will be responsible for timely and appropriate set-up and restoration of the area (cleaning and sanitation of the area, furniture rearrangement, removal of equipment, trash removal and repair of any facility damage caused by the Caterer).

2.5 Cookouts are not permitted, even when costs are below the $300 threshold, as cooking raw food requires an approved caterer with appropriate food service permit, insurance and licenses.

3.0 Exceptions

3.1 In rare cases when the primary and secondary catering services cannot meet the needs of an event, a request for exception can be made by completing the Catering Services Exception Form, attaching the contract and menu and returning this to the Point of contact listed below at least 3 weeks prior to the date of the event. As exceptions require significant administrative effort to enact, approval will only be granted in extraordinary cases.

3.2 Donated Food - In cases when a licensed food service provider or retailer has agreed to donate prepared food for an event, the Catering Services Exception Form must be completed and returned to the Point of Contact listed below at least 3 weeks prior to an event. Donors may still be required to provide supplemental insurance and/or other documentation to insure proper assessment of risk and liability.

Catering Services – Point of Contact:


To report suspected instances of noncompliance with this policy, please visit Georgia Tech’s EthicsPoint, a secure and confidential reporting system, at:

Policy History: 


Revision Date Author Description
February 2015 Aux. Services Contact Info Updated
September 2014 Bob Junko, Student Center Associate Director, Business Policy update
July 2014 Kira Freeman Auxiliary Operations New campus caterer addition